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Two image file formats, JPEG and the highest resolution MrSID are offered. It is is recommended you load the self-installing ExpressView/MrSID software viewer now by clicking one of the download links below. MrSID delivers detailed images at a range of magnifications. Each file contains data from multiple resolutions stored in a single pixel database. The ExpressView/MrSID viewer starts viewing an image at the smallest resolution view and allows complete control to zoom through all resolution levels using selective decompression to decode only the portion of an image necessary for viewing. This makes rapid viewing of large images possible while maintaining image quality.

Download the ExpressView/MrSID Software

.exe file
2.1 Mb
All Windows OS
.exe file
12.7 Mb
All Windows OS
.dmg file
4.6 Mb
Mac OS X
.sea file
460 kb
Mac OS 9 (Classic)
.hqx file
650 kb
Previous Mac OS versions
.zip file
1.3 Mb
Linux OS
.zip file
1.7 Mb
Solaris OS

Or visit LizardTech to download the software

Download Note: MrSID images average 500 - 600kb in size. Download times approximate 2 minutes over a 56Kb dial-up modem line or 5 - 10 seconds over broadband.